Enabling smarter, faster marketing and sales investment decisions with more impact

Keen is a software and analytics company focused on helping managers make smarter, faster marketing and sales investment decisions with more impact. In the face of an increasingly challenging and complex competitive environment, managers still struggle with how to best allocate budgets and understand the financial impact of critical marketing and sales investment decisions.

Keen created the MIDA® decision support system to address this challenge. MIDA®, short for Marketing Investment Decision Analysis, provides an analytical application that managers use to understand how sales and marketing investments drive revenue forecasts and create value for the firm. The analytical technology incorporates not only the organization's data, but also the domain expertise resident within the organization, the knowledge estate, so that managers can make fully informed decisions.


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Our Leadership

Greg Dolan Managing Partner

Greg is a classically trained and seasoned marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in business, spending the majority of this time developing strategic growth plans for large Consumer Packaged Goods organizations.  As a brand leader at companies such as Kraft Foods and the Campbell Soup Company, Greg saw the need for better systems to support decision making first hand.  His experience in this area has driven his passion to provide managers with the tools he himself did not have – a comprehensive solution to inform investment decisions with superior speed, more confidence and greater impact.

John Busbice Managing Partner

John is the chief architect of the MIDA® decision support system, and chief methodologist at Keen.  He has developed all of the algorithms in MIDA®, and continues to lead development of the software, as well as delivery of custom analytics engagements.  His vision and leadership is based on over 15 years of experience as a management consultant and econometrician, helping clients analyze their data to make better sales and marketing decisions. marketing investment decision support marketing investment decision support marketing investment decision support


  • Anthony P. DiSilvestro

    CFO, Campbell Soup Company
  • Kevin Smith

    CMO, Rollins, Inc. (Orkin)
  • Keen is the first marketing consultancy I have worked with that can successfully link marketing investment with financial impact. They were pivotal in our company's effort to evaluate the effectiveness of our multi-brand marketing investments. Keen has delivered extraordinary results and has helped to create unprecedented cross-functional organizational alignment.

  • Keen's unique capability gives Orkin another key advantage: the ability to trace the impact of investments in long-term brand building vs. short-term lead generation. This equips our team to make the right decisions for our business to grow shareowner value. Optimizing resource allocation is critical for Orkin – and Keen has cracked the code.  

Our Clients

Keen has successfully helped some of the most recognizable brands across multiple industries

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