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Brand Strategy


Traditional approaches to brand insights and strategy are slow, costly and prone to interpretation bias.  We flip that approach on its head.  We begin and end with one certainty: Brands reside in the hearts and minds of consumers. Find out more…

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Opportunities for Brands Today 

With traditional methods, marketers have to rely on vast amounts of interpretation throughout the entire insights process. Take for example, the typical approach to brand equity research leading to brand positioning. This traditional process is riddled with interpretations and therefore has a high potential for errors or loss of information along the way.   Keep reading…


Innovation Strategy


Got a great product or extension idea in an attractive market?  Are you sure consumers  will be happy it’s your brand? Find out more…

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17624885_sWant to Improve Innovation Success Rates? Understand Your Brand First 

Why do 80% of new products and services still fail in the marketplace, even with millions of dollars being spent on developing and validating new initiatives? Very simply, marketers are hyper-focused on understanding the risk/reward of various innovation opportunities, but often disregard “brand fit” as a core consideration in the process. Keep reading…

Marketing Optimization


We all know that strategic decisions are made by combining data with managerial judgment.  Yet no one combines these critical inputs into the same analytical model to enable better  decision-making.  Until now. Find out more…

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980891_thumbnailRiding the Big Wave of Information Marketers are just like professional surfers because their success depends on the combination of good information and good judgment.  Surfers use information to get them to the break at the right time and from there it’s all judgment and experience.  Managers on the other hand need to use information and their judgment simultaneously. Keep reading…

Customer Strategy


Are your customers better off doing business with you?  Can you measure in dollars & cents? This is the  true measure of winning with customers. Find out more…

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lookAttention B2B Marketers: Make Sure You Are Looking for the Right Thing If you’re a B2B marketer, chances are that a significant amount of your time is spent trying to answer the following questions:  How can I help my company make more money?  How do I better position my products/services so that I can sell more to my customers?  How can I continue to grow my business? But, what if you changed what you were looking for? Keep reading…


A new breed of company, focused on the strategic issues with the biggest impact on growth for years to come

“Keen is the first marketing consultancy I have worked with that can successfully link marketing investment with financial impact. They were pivotal in our company’s effort to evaluate the effectiveness of our multi-brand marketing investments. Keen’s ability to build scientific models that not only helped us understand the historical effectiveness of marketing, but also provide decision support for our future efforts is truly unique. Our marketers now have an estimated net present value (NPV) of their future plans that the finance organization can fully support. Keen has delivered extraordinary results and has helped to create unprecedented cross-functional organizational alignment.”

– Anthony P. DiSilvestro, CFO, Campbell Soup Company


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